21 Ways to Build Backlinks

21 Ways to Build Backlinks
A business requires online presence to survive, and online presence cannot be built without search engine optimization. When it comes to SEO, backlinks play quite a major role. What Are Backlinks? The term backlinks refer to the traffic that comes to your website from other web pages and they play a major role in Google rankings. The more backlinks you have from other sources, the more authentic Google deems your website to be, and the higher your ranking will be in a Google search. Ways to Build Backlinks Here are 21 simple ways you get attract traffic to your website via backlinks.
  1. Find the best possible quality-based blogging spot for guest blogging online. Neil Patel does it best.
  2. Offer popular marketers testimonials, and make sure to mention yourself in them.
  3. Review your blogs on guest forums.
  4. Create quality-based and unique content.
  5. Make use of link-baiting.
  6. Using the term ‘the ultimate’ is proven to bring in a lot of backlinks.
  7. Create contests that require people to link people to your blog.
  8. Make sure to include popular, yet relevant personalities in your blog.
  9. Make wise use of infographics. They are preferred by everyone and can easily bring in traffic.
  10. Offer free stuff in your blogs. People love accessing free downloading links.
  11. Talk about the best ways of online marketing used by someone from another industry.
  12. Talk about products in your industry. Be specific about them.
  13. Write about a hot topic and relate them to your business.
  14. Promote your content across different platforms. This will increase your audience and potential customers
  15. Answer queries about your products or anything related on websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers.
  16. Sponsor a blogging contest. This will have bloggers backlinking to you.
  17. Internal links are a key part of creating backlinks.
  18. Create How-to and DIY posts related to your products.
  19. Use numerical figures in your titles. They often rank high on Google.
  20. Keep your content authentic and up-to-date. Stay consistent as it gains you authenticity.
  21. Create applications for the web. Submit them online with a backlink.

Why Is It Important?

There are a lot of benefits of backlinking. Provided that you have quality backlinks to your website, search engines will be better able to find your website. This is extremely important if you are a new business and want to make your way up the rankings. Furthermore, Google algorithms love backlinking. If they find your website with quality backlinks, it will further push your position up into the ranking. The next thing you know, your business will be sitting at the top of the bunch online.

In A Nutshell

Surviving online is not the easiest thing to do for a business. Creating backlinks is one aspect of SEO that improves the visibility of your presence though. Whether you are a start-up, or have been present in the market for a while, using the above-mentioned 21 ways to build backlinks can surely help your business.    

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